The Mechanisms at Work | Human Narratives

The Mechanisms at Work | Human Narratives

Shifting Gears The murder of George Floyd has been pivoting point for many. I am included in that many. My thoughts have been focused on race, racism, gender discrimination, accountability, representation, political power, and media manipulation. I’ve been mulling over ideas from Noam Chomsky and Angela Davis in particular. Though I’m most definitely a-political in […]

Starving | Poem

Starving | Poem

TOLERANCE|INTOLERANCE Black soul Black faceBlack race Black mindBlack ideologyNo trace Cries from heaven so loud they can┬áDeafen the pain of the politically oppressed Black eyesBlack handsBlack shapes Figures that contort and writheBodies that have been erased Non-consensual eliminationOf kids, woman, and man And the very same of those who the world fears to understand Who […]

Excuses, excuses (but I’m not sweating it)

I’ve been in transition to a new home and I’m still waiting on my laptop and things to arrive. As of now, that’s been my excuse for not posting anything for the past while, but I had good talks with good friends and have encountered some interesting thoughts from interesting people… So, the wheels are […]

Where the Heck Does Meaning Come From | Pt. 2

*Why is this post epically late, you ask? That is because of one thing: Military testing.* The second part of this topic stems from a few things: death, consciousness, responsibility, and some quality television programming. I’ve recently been binging the show called The Good Place. It’s about some people who die and go to the […]

Thus Spoke the Shape-Shifter | Poem

I. [Meaning]Thus spoke the man whose wilted words have shaped an age of truthThus spoke the man whose oldest thoughts have shifted my point of viewThus spoke the man who’s found a way to shatter what I think of you  Thus spoke the man whose deft, old hands have whittled me down to boneThus spoke the […]

Where the Heck Does Meaning Come From? | Pt. 1

** This will be a multi part post. The goal is to ultimately end up looking at a few philosophers’ ideas of meaning to see how they are actually applied to life. This first part will more or less be my own musings on this topic. ** What Do I Mean? Suffering has largely determined […]

Toil [In Segments] | Poem

Segment 1:What I find, in my heart, to be the rawest of experiences is that of toiling. The post-toil respite is a gift that tempers the heart of humanity and allows us to see what is real and let all that is petty to fall by the wayside. Though the vast infinite of all that is […]

On the Turning Away | Poem

I.There’s something in the mellow that clouds my better judgement There’s something in the mellow that slows my inner workings  The cogs just aren’t oiled enough I think I’m working well enough But time comes down to performance And I can’t perform II.OhThinking about all the artists I wish I could be like…I think of […]

The Silent Cartographer | Poem

Don’t you know that you were there, holding the camera that took the picture, that captured the moment, that halted time?Don’t you know that is was you who captured the artist?It was you who stopped the earth’s movement.It was you who stilled the pond.You slowed the sway the of the sweeping leaves on the silent […]

“The Little Guy”: On Large Institutions of Power and Individual Service

This topic spawned from some conversation with friends about career paths. As I mentioned earlier, I am a soldier, though the idea of a soldier in my mind is tied much for intimately to my idea of what makes a warrior rather than simply serving under the flag. Though I do not yet live up […]