Hello, World!

FIDLAR? Yeah, you’re right!

A few weeks ago a friend and I were riding around Hawaii looking for the perfect spot to take some future dates. Yes, that’s right, we were scouting for the most-optimal, most-comfortable, and most-enjoyable spot to sit with a nice woman and talk about everything and nothing from dusk until dawn. I’ll let you form […]

The Fret, The Hurry, The Stir | Song

This one originally started as an instrumental, but quickly turned into an actual song with some riffs I had written some years ago (hell, back in high school). Now they’ve come together in a way I’m decently happy with. Did plenty of messing about in odd time signatures, so my homies who enjoy that sound, […]

Majula | Field Writing

That orange blast of sun on the horizon, the twinkling of piano keys, the woman clad in green; she utters of hopeful well-wishing and punctuates with a message of fatal possibility. “…lest this land swallow you whole.” I remember the first time I saw Majula. It was close to what seeing these Missouri skies was […]


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