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Autumnal // Entry #1 Divided Into Segments

[I.] Something creeps behind the stir of Autumn’s leaves. Solar positioning leaves trees without much nourishment and the children that rely on that sol source of life begin to weaken; spirits waning as the hours of radiation exposure diminish. Is there no truer God? A figure meanders between the frail trees and anorexic plant life. […]

With Hands//To Work|Poem

I see the works of artistsThe aftermath of deft hands getting to work I see the afterimage of the calculated strokesWhere effort and skill bear tangible and virtuous fruits I look to what they’ve done and see what I myself would also like to do To do something good with these hands of mine To […]

The Shoreline | Poem

Another home… Another seat of temporary comfort.  Another place where the wounded nomad can rest before moving on. Because the nomad always moves on.  This is because only through the pathless region can one meet the face of God. And when the nomad sees their reflection they’ll realize that the things that they sought were […]


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