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Excuses, excuses (but I’m not sweating it)

I’ve been in transition to a new home and I’m still waiting on my laptop and things to arrive. As of now, that’s been my excuse for not posting anything for the past while, but I had good talks with good friends and have encountered some interesting thoughts from interesting people… So, the wheels are […]

Where the Heck Does Meaning Come From | Pt. 2

*Why is this post epically late, you ask? That is because of one thing: Military testing.* The second part of this topic stems from a few things: death, consciousness, responsibility, and some quality television programming. I’ve recently been binging the show called The Good Place. It’s about some people who die and go to the […]

Thus Spoke the Shape-Shifter | Poem

I. [Meaning]Thus spoke the man whose wilted words have shaped an age of truthThus spoke the man whose oldest thoughts have shifted my point of viewThus spoke the man who’s found a way to shatter what I think of you  Thus spoke the man whose deft, old hands have whittled me down to boneThus spoke the […]


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