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The Fret, The Hurry, The Stir | Song

This one originally started as an instrumental, but quickly turned into an actual song with some riffs I had written some years ago (hell, back in high school). Now they’ve come together in a way I’m decently happy with. Did plenty of messing about in odd time signatures, so my homies who enjoy that sound, […]

Majula | Field Writing

That orange blast of sun on the horizon, the twinkling of piano keys, the woman clad in green; she utters of hopeful well-wishing and punctuates with a message of fatal possibility. “…lest this land swallow you whole.” I remember the first time I saw Majula. It was close to what seeing these Missouri skies was […]

Seasons | Poem

[I. The Force That Tugs] Steadfast. Resolute. Definite. Unyielding. These concepts hint at the story our minds have grown tired of hiding, holding, wielding. Steady hands paint constant strokes against the parchment of my heart. Ink stains reveal transparency. One can’t exist alone. You cannot avoid being affected. I see it as such: Visions of […]


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